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Isadore H. May Gives Secrets to Achieving Success


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Isadore H. May is both a lawyer and an entrepreneur. He practiced both real estate and commercial law, which led him to form his own law firm in 1987. Over the years, he realized the lucrative benefit in purchasing real estate; hence the creation of Garden State Land Company, LLC. He grew a love for real estate and development, after the purchase of his first property in his late twenties. The ability to input one’s creativity, hard work and dedication into selling a product, makes it that much more valuable. Purchasing and selling homes is getting to be a very competitive business. Isadore believes in always being versatile and never having all of your eggs in one basket. By having several different ventures, it will help balance when one area may be slower than the rest, which is a common result. So many individuals are seeing the benefits of buying property and it is important to create something to set you apart from your competitors.

Furthermore, his background of commercial and real estate law proved to be a huge asset to his venture. It not only saved him money but also gave him a different perspective than other potential property sellers. Isadore H. May believes in the importance of not doubting yourself, you have to believe in the product you are selling, as part of the origin to success. At the time he started Garden State Land Company, LLC, there was not a large demographic, so many did not believe you could make money buying and selling a property. Isadore went on to prove many people wrong, by allowing his business to flourish to where it is today.

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